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V8Factor 1.30 - Release Information

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by still_bacon, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. still_bacon


    For those of you who missed the announcement before Christmas, or who are looking for links to V8Factor, here they are. This is for V8Factor - Original
    V8Factor 1.30

    Announcing the release of the V8Factor 2006 V1.3 Patch. This is an All-in-one patch removing the need for patches v1.1 and v1.2

    NOTE: The Bathurst track is updated in this installer from any prior version to v1.3. At this stage there is no separate Bathurst update patch.

    V8Factor 2006 (V8F)
    Australian V8 Supercars MOD for rFactor

    Version 1.3 - December 2009
    For Derek Hill (Kiwi, Kiwi_NZ)

    REQUIRES A FULL INSTALL of V8Factor 2006 (v1.0, v1.1 or v1.2). Patches v1.1 & v1.2 are not required but if already installed should not cause a problem. However, we recommend installing this patch over a fresh v1.0 install.


    Follow the instructions in the V8Factor Patch Installer. Please make sure you select the correct path to your rFactor installation. Files will be automatically installed.

    NOTE: MANUAL INSTALLATIONS REQUIRE AN EXTRA STEP - READ ON. For those who prefer to extract MODs to a temporary folder and then copy the files manually, you will then need to run the batch file called "docpset.bat" located in the V8Factor folder. DO NOT run this before you copy the files across.

    NOTE: HI-RES SKIN PACK users. This patch re-installs a number of lo-res skins. Please re-install the hi-res skin pack to restore all hi-res skins.


    In this patch:

    * Bathurst track fixes & improvements
    - Changed to 2 versions - 2005 & 2006 (with new signage)
    - Esses cut discourager removed
    - Added the Citigate building at the Chase to 2006 version
    - A few graphical tweaks

    * Physics improvements (thanks to Ben Eggleston and Ric Kemp for V8Supercar data and direct feedback on the physics)
    - significant changes to the tyres to provide more realistic grip delivery under different lateral & longitudinal loads.
    - significant changes to the front and rear end geometry to improve turn-in, stability and weight transfer.
    - other changes include springs, shocks, aero, brakes, and many other tweaks
    - NOTE: previous garage setups may cause unexpected handling.

    * Damage improvements
    - less force required to cause suspension damage, similar to the real cars. Turn down your damage slide if you don't like it to be realistic.
    - headlight and taillight glows now deform with the rest of the car.
    - more parts bend and break off

    * AI fixes & improvements
    - changes to AI physics providing improved race behaviour


    V8 Factor (V8Factor and Bathurst V1)


    V8Factor All-in-1.3 Patch (V8Factor LoRes and Bathurst 1.3 Update)

    http://austeamracing.com/Downloads/Racing Files/rfactor/Patches/V8F_2006_Patch_All-in-1.3.rar

    V8 Factor HiRes Skins

    HiRes Skins Patch V1.1


    V8Factor Templates

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