V8 Supercars @ Watkins Glen - Tues April 27th 2010

Eric Nelson

YOu will need to download the 2009 Supercars Patch as well before you wil be able to play in game.

Here is the link: FVRV8 2009 V8 Supercar Patch v1.51 :

Aussie V8 Supercars are just incredible racing machines. Taking the flavor of NASCAR while competing on Road Racing Circuits makes this my clear favorite series of all time! Can you handle a 600 bhp fire breathing monster and turn in two directions at the same time?

Cmon man give it a try!

Eric Nelson

Entry List:

  1. Eric Dennis
  2. Yves LArose
  3. driver
  4. driver
  5. driver
  6. driver
  7. driver
  8. driver
  9. driver
  10. driver
  11. driver
  12. driver
  13. driver
  14. driver
  15. Glenn Peterson (maybe)
Put me down tentatively. I'd love to race these, but Monday GT's, Wed Arca's, Friday WTCC and Sunday RDTCC leaves little time with the kids. (Maybe they won't notice me gone for awhile on Tue. :) )

Carl Gianetti

Hi Eric
I think I found my problem
If I get home early enough I would like to log on and see how it works. I won't have the time to compete, but I would like to take some laps in practice to make sure it works

I am guessing this will be canceled due to a lack of participation?!?! If you need an extra body to get this event going, let me know.
i,m not sure yet but maybe will join you guys if i won't fall asleep.

BTW. this event is not listed in calendar ( again ) so maybe thats why you have low sign up.

Eric Dennis

Well that was fun.

First race- Didn't have enough speed to get near the front, but I held 4th for a while. Then someone ran out of gas on the last lap and I managed 3rd out of 5.

Second race- Nice clean start. At some point I managed third, but all the while, Dariusz was creeping up on me and got me on the 5th lap, but I lost grip to the left, tapped the fence on the left, which brought be unintentionally back to the right and into Dariusz, which sent him flipping and over the fence. Took a DNF. Sorry Dariusz. Hopefully we will have a bigger field for the next one. I love this mod. Closes thing we can get to a NASCAR style mod in EVO. It's AWESOME!!!!

Dennis Phelan

I could get this car to go fast for about one lap, then poof! Nice cars, I like the Escorts better!

R1: Rolled off the line ok. I looked in my "mirror", if you could call it that and saw this blob of multi-color floating around. I couldn't figure if I was looking at trackside items and fencing or several cars fighting closely. It was Eric D and he remained there for a bit. On L6 Stfan blew by as I lost it in T1, Eric followed shortly afterwards. It was about that time that I saw 6/17 at the top of the HUD and realized I had only fuel for 12 laps or so, uhoh. I was the only one driving a Ford, the LF was in the red most all the time at that point but I had to push. Eric made a boo boo on L10 at T1 and I got by and tried to make headway before pitting.

I had practiced a pitstop and set a preference for repair prior to the race. On my in lap I went over the button pushes that would be required to stop the repairs and get some gas. I also knew I had a long run on the limiter to do this as I would be pitting at the of the row. I almost got it, set the amount of fuel , removed the repairs that weren't needed and set an amount of fuel. then I blew it and unmarked the refueling just as I switched to confirm!!! Aarrghhhhh!
Oh well, a dnf!

R2: From the pole, like that's going to help me. I can't seem to hold a line through the corners on the first few laps. Eric goes by on L2 when I totally blow T1, then Darius is right behind me. I'm on the grass in the esses a couple of laps later and he's right by me as we go into the chicane. It's all downhill from there as I try to maintain my LF tire and hit the corners right.

The racing might have been better with a much larger grid. While driving the course in the race I constantly asked myself how Yves would be handling this. I don't spend time sitting in the pits looking at other drivers on the course but I do view them a little in replays and in those rare glimpses I can see some of what makes Yves the great driver that he is. I try to make use of it when I can. I'm sure many think it's his uncanny ability to get the most out of a car thru setups, while he and Keith both have cars that people drool over I know that's not it!

Well done Yves!
Thanks RD, chris and Eric E!
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