V8 Supercars season server

Hi everyone I am going to create a full V8 Supercars season server and I am looking at people to join and help make this happen, it may take a while to complete, but most tracks are done, cars are done, drivers real names are also done for those who want to race a single race season against bots, I am going to pay those who can help me build Aussie tracks, like Albert Park GP, Sandown 500, Gold Coast 600, but some of the other tracks are from Europe tracks, can't get 100% Aussie tracks, so some are replaced with almost the same design layout.

If you do want to help or join leave me a message here with some little details of what you would like to help with and I will reply to you quickly.

Here can see a small video and full details of what I would like to get. https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/rfactor-2-mod-requests.60296/page-16#post-3232199

Thank you.

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