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I really like this 1.3 version.. I can at least drive those cars better then the previous versions.:thumb:

I have just one problem and it is the 1st and 2cd gear. I am breaking grip coming out of an Apex. Not bad. Just like a slow motion slide pushing my car wide. Should I soften the rear springs or/and tires? My rear toe is 0 or 10 depending on the track. I am using the FALCON. :confused:
See if you can search the previous V8 league archived threads and you should still be able to get some "Base Settings" Ryan was posting up,he might have even put them in the rFactor setups section too?,well worth a try if you find them.


Let's take a look at the real thing for a moment.
A V8 Supercar is 1.5 Ton running on 7" tyres with the engine capacity off 620 break horse power.

The tyre is what we all know is the dividing factor between car performance and speed. Good grip. Fast laps. Low grip slower laps. Stands to reason right?

The V8's use what is known as a control tyre. This is a hard compound tyre. Hard compound tyres have lower grip levels then a soft compound primarily because it doesn't wrap itself around the road surface to the same effect as a soft compound will.

How is it that so many feel that 620 BHP shouldn't break tyre grip in 1st 2 cd or even 3 rd gear if you just punch the throttle down on exit? When the car is straight is the only time you can plant the foot otherwise you need to use throttle control and wait till the car has levelled out.

rFactor is a simulation game for your PC. As a simulation mod builders do try to get their physic as close to reality as their ability and rFactor will allow.
V8 Factor isn't perfect. 1.3 is close ATM.
Doug, I don't even recall the question you're referring to even being asked in the original post... what Mr. Dezan is asking is what to change in the setup to minimise wheelspin and improve the grip of the car. It's a question about setup help.

Still, if we're on the subject of the mod's physics, I've watched quite a few Bathursts and I have not once seen wheelspin coming over the crest after the chase, yet in rFactor I have spun going over it on occasions. And I would assume that the real life drivers are not lifting over that crest. I have driven many laps in V8Factor on many different circuits, and what I can see and feel in the game only vaguely corresponds to what I have seen on TV. I've seen real drivers get on the throttle much earlier than I have in rF without so much as a peep from the tyres, and in both RL and in-game this was in 3rd gear. Keep in mind that this isn't a reflection on the mod's quality; it's easily one of the best for rFactor, and Bathurst is superb. It's just that I don't really find the grip levels entirely believable. They're getting there, definitely, but wheelspin in 3rd gear doesn't quite make sense to me, judging from what I have seen in real life.

Anyway, we're going off topic here.


Ok back on subject then. Rhys, If your getting a unsettled car on this crest your ride hight is to low. There's not enough movement in the suspension to counter the natural lift of the car.

Doug D, Your on the right track. Also the track bar can help you there but remember as you put more grip into the back tyres for corner exit you will loose front turn in grip. There's a choice to be made there. What is more important on any particular track. Cause we all like to have both but that's not possible. Ride high can also help to stabilise the car but again there is a penalty if you go to low the cars want ride ripple strips very well and having the back come around on you more a problem. A good way to look at this is drop it down a bit at a time till it gets to unstable then take it back up 1 or 2 clicks. The car is set with a higher back then front. You can slightly level this out to get weight over the rear but again you will loose front grip by taking the weight off the front tyres.

I'd have to agree that the tyre grip in V8Factor is slightly low but currently there are some that are running 2.06 on Bathurst so to increase the grip would see even lower lap times recorded. In real life situations there are other aspect that effect lap times that aren't in rF.


I'd like to just gently point out that Doug62 is expressing his personal opinions (albeit off topic in this case) and is not necessarily reflecting the views of Team ORSM. He is also not the one responsible for the physics in the mod - I am - so I'll accept responsibility for any shortcomings in that department :). Now Doug62, are we going to have to shorten that leash again...? :)


Ok I've edited the first post slightly. The reference to the tyre difference I feel is relevant information to setups all though off topic. The control tyre is not unique to the Australian V8 Supercar but it is a lesser used tyre in comparison to the softer compound tyre throughout the racing world. As for the second post I find no need to change.

And yes these are my own views and not that of the team but I'm sure the readers do already know and understand that to be the case.
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