V8 Factor Instal problems :( please help



Hello Everyone,

I just bought a new setup.
Installed Rfactor yesterday V1.255
Installed V8 factor 1.3
G25 Steering wheel setup

R factor works, but when I try to select V8 factor (bathurst in groups)
program shuts down and brings me back to windows.

I am running RFactor on 2 different machines and it does the same thing

1st machine Q6600, 8800gt(51MB), 4GB ram all updates Vista Home Premium 32bit

2nd machine Dual core 2.8Ghz, 9800Gt(512MB), 2GB ram Vista Home Premium 32bit

I bought this setup to run V8 factor... seems a shame

Any help would be appreciated,


Problem solved - realised I hadnt installed bathurst 1.0

Hi, sorted problem out...
i didnt instal the bathurst 1.0 first
but its ok now...
thanks anyway
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