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V6 Hybrid Turbo VS V8 1000bhp

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Dux, Apr 17, 2015.

V6 Hybrid Turbo VS V8 1000bhp

Poll closed Apr 24, 2015.
  1. V6 Hybrid Turbo

  2. V8 1000bhp

  1. Dux


    After many critics of the self proclaimed "fans":cautious: of F1 about the sound of the new V6 Hybrid Turbo engines and now running 2nd year with those the even much bigger problem is their cost and the gap that increased between the teams, or engine suppliers, who have smaller budgets, Bernie wants to bring V8 1000bhp engines into the sport.

    What was the initial goal to reduce the costs, driving with 100kg of fuel per race due to the Hybrid systems (which are very expensive) unlike in the past, seems to have returned like boomerang, instead of cutting the costs they increased it. Teams would be forced to design all-new cars for the return of V8s cause current 100kg fuel limit tank are not big enough to endure the whole race which means totally new cars would be made. Bigger or at least wider.

    "We'd just need to take the old V8 engines and modify them by increasing displacement to bring power output near 1000bhp.

    "People would return, the show would return, sponsors would return."

    Ecclestone suggests that the move to hybrid engines has contributed to the fall in audiences by creating fan disinterest.

    "F1 isn't just technology, but enjoyment too," he said. "We need to think about who buys a ticket, goes in the grandstands and wants to see a great sporting spectacle.

    "It's money doing the rounds: the public pays for tickets, the organisers cash in and pay us, who then forward the money to the teams together with TV rights.

    "But if TV audiences shrink and the public at GPs do too, then it becomes a problem."

    These engines today have 700bhp + 160bhp with ERS system.

    What woud you like? These V6 Hybrid Turbo or new V8 1000bhp engines?:thumbsup::thumbsdown:
    And why?
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2015
  2. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Premium

    FFS Bernie, just go. The engines aren't the problem. Man up, accept that you'll be rich as hell for the rest of your life and sort out the sports problems (or just go), not something that isn't needed. We have engines that work. We have 2 manufacturers who are closing up now, and two who need to work harder, but the same thing would happen with the other ones.
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  3. realitychecked


    Do you want to see 2 manufacterers fight for the WCC or a bunch of rivals fight for the WDC? What's different now is that the WCC has become more important than the WDC because of the new engines. In my opinion, F1 should stay at V8s because it's more cheaper and attracts more teams to come to the sport and also some more sponsors and revenue. Engines is a factor too in F1, but of course, there's a lot of many others which are still be found a solution for them. If V8s do indeed return then some teams would be grateful (like Manor), and other would be unaccomplished (like Mercedes).
  4. Philip Heck

    Philip Heck

    If we make that switch we'll be stuck with Ferrari and (maybe) Mercedes as engine suppliers. Renault and Honda will leave for sure.
  5. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    F1's issue is more than an engine problem ... the technology is too expensive, most of the teams can't keep up and there are too many restrictions! and not enough cars on the grid and much less fighting for the front row ... races look like free practice sessions! F1 needs american races epicness but without ovals.
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