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    V-Rally 4 Update December.jpg
    V-Rally 4 has received a new update today, adding a small collection of fixes and a brand new piece of content.

    Having released across both PC and console back on September 6th to nostalgic fanfare from fans of the long running series, Kylotonn have been quick out of the marks with DLC content for the arcade rally racing title, first adding the 'Supercharge Pack' of liveries and fixes back in November, and now following that up with the new December release detailed below.

    Without doubt the main highlight from the December update will have to be the new piece of content that is to be added to the title, the 2006 Ford GT "Extreme-Khana" edition. The car will be available from December 10th as standalone content, or available now for owners of either the Season Pass or Ultimate Edition of the game.

    December 6th Update Notes:
    • Added the Ford GT 2006 in Extreme-Khana (available through either the Season Pass, the Ultimate Edition or individually starting December 10th)

    Know Issues Fixes
    • Fixed crash when switching between customized cars
    • Fixed voice chat indicator hidden on certain screens
    • Minor bug fixes

    V-Rally 4 is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 September now. PC versions will release September 25th with Nintendo Switch following shortly after.

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  2. RomFil


    sorry this is stupid rally game
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  3. Shannon Flynn

    Shannon Flynn
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    Underrated little title. Beats the crap out of DiRT 3 & 4
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  4. robnitro


    And they still didn't fix the rally AI times. Never had a problem with even high difficulty on the other rally games. Just add more DLC.. forget the gameplay
  5. Hoksu


    wrong thread sorry
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