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Using Xpacker

James Capper

Feb 19, 2008
It would be nice if somebody could do an extensive video on how to create an xpack from scratch.(Hint..Hint..Oh great and wise ennis of the great kingdom of BTB) and i'm sure that i am not the only one who could use a tutorial like this..



Mar 21, 2009
I don't think a tutorial is needed. Navigating through the BTB helpfile is more than enough to understand even for a noob. I understand it by myself and i'm not better than anyone else here. When the object is done and mapped with texture, it's just a matter of importing into xpacker and use alpha channel if it's a transparent object. There is absolutely no other secret in working with xpacker than understand it by yourself. A good way also to get you in, is to extract another xpack and check how it is made. I recommend to try first, and if you have any specific questions, to ask here I'm pretty much sure someone will try to help you figure it out. What do you want to know ? Just ask...:dance2:


Dec 11, 2009
I'm writing (it's not video) something like big tutorial with everything I know about xpacking and couple important things to me about using them. If anybody can help me to judge it and check if everything is correct, or of course add anything I forgot (maybe even make my English better ;), I would like to share with the whole thing of course at the end.
It's going to be complete "walkthrough" with pictures/examples of the process of making some xpack - like a little story with comments/advices. But it even can be provided with some files that somebody can practise to make that xpack work. It represents my learning process of xpacks on couple pages.
Because it's not yet finished, If you like, PM me and we can cooperate little bit :) Thanks!

Here is one of the pages - if you would like to see what I mean. With a little more effort from your help it could be good to have something like that here on RD for people who have no idea how xpacks work etc. /like I was in the past :)


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