Using the RSRBR 2009 / RSRBR 2010 Mod

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Andrew Evans

These are few things that might help you find your way around if you've never used the mod before...

Registering with RSRBR

Start up RSCenter 2009 and select Inscription...Inscription RSRBRLive09 from the menu. This will redirect you to a page where you will set up your user id for the mod.

Joining an online session

Fill in your credentials at the top left of the application (only need to do this once).

Select the public sessions tab and hit the start online session button.

RSCenter will ask to sync your pc clock with the server clock (if they're not the same), let it do it.

Authentication dialog pops up and it should display a list of public sessions you can join. Select one, enter password if reqd, and off you go!

Session Format

A session isn't open for joining until the start time for the event. There is then a 15 minute countdown to the first stage.

Once the countdown expires, you'll have 60 seconds to hit the "GO" button. Hitting the button takes you directly to the stage.

If you miss the opportunity, you'll forfeit stage, as if you retired.

When you install the mod, it creates a user profile called Mulligatawny, you need to select this profile, when prompted. You cannot play the mod online with any other profile - so make sure you change your profile options in the single player game beforehand (eg. pacenotes are in french by default).

You can leave the session and return - even during the rally. Furthermore, you are even able to join a rally midway through the session, if you missed the start - missed stages will receive default times. You won't be able to use any other features of RSCenter (eg. Play Alone etc) while in an online session.

Once the stage is complete, you'll be returned to the RSCenter where you can see how your competitors are doing/have done and you'll find the countdown ticking down for the next stage. If you take so long on a stage that you miss the scheduled start of the next one, you'll forfeit the one you missed.

Play Alone

There are two options to play alone - one is to Launch RSRBR2009; this will launch the exact stage, mod, car, etc that you've specified in the RSCenter dropdowns and you'll get to run that and that alone. The other is to Launch Richard Burns Rally SSE; this will launch the standard game with everything unlocked (but no access to the extra stages that come in the mod).

In either case, it seems to load the last used car pack used for your choice of vehicles.

As you can see, these are just a few clues I've picked up along the way - drop me a line if i'm talking :tits:or you feel there's useful stuff I missed out.

Warren Dawes

Mar 1, 2007
Update for RSRBR 2010

We now highly recommend that users upgrade to RSRBR 2010.
Full details for installing RSRBR 2010 can be found: Here

Using RSRBR 2010 is very similar to RSRBR 09, so basically the procedures given in the top post still apply. The user interface is slightly different now, and includes a few more features.
Please also read the Tutorial linked: Here
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