Using the H shifter on the G27

I dont use the shifter very often but when I do I find the upshift a little strange on the G27. When I go up a gear it doesnt sound smooth so instead of going from 1st to 2nd it goes 1st - neutral - 2nd. I know this because I see it on the screen display. Its difficult to explain but the middle jump into neutral makes the engine noise sound strange. Downshifting is fine I dont see it dropping into neutral. It's only for a split second on the upshift but it doesnt sound like it does when I use the paddles? I have auto clutch on and generally dont use my clutch pedal. I tried it last nIght with auto clutch off and I experience the same issue.

Any ideas?


No, sorry, doesn't happen to me with my G27. Which car and track are you using?

There was a crazy Get Real transmission damage thing where it seems nobody can shift good enough for the cars and the transmission breaks and you start losing/skipping gears but that's supposed to be solved with auto-clutch.

Mark Reynolds

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Yes, the mechanical damage stuff is borked atm sorry.....

You need to tick the direct gear selection in the game options iirc to get the H shifter to act as a proper H shift, you should find that in controller settings, I will double check in the morning and guide you further if you need more assistance.
Thanks for the reply Mark. Unfortunately i cant find the option? Ive looked inder control settings > controller profiles, primary functions, secondary functions, advanced and force feedback. Can you you post a screenshot?


Mark Reynolds

Physics & AI Programmer
You need to goto control settings/advanced, the toggle the H shifter option at the top of that page, you of course need the H Shifter controls programmed to each relative gear, this option needs setting dependant on whether your using sequential mode or H shift mode for the proper effect.


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ah right thanks for the reply Mark. Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my original post. I already have that setting switched on and have setup the gears individually as well. The problem to recap it means when I go from 1st to 2nd it actually goes 1-N-2 and it just sounds really "off". In comparison when I use my paddles to shift I don't get the intermediate eutral change if that makes sense and it sounds "as it should". Maybe it's just me? Maybe I'm not shifting quick enough? Strange thing is coming down the gears I don't have the same problem.

Mark Reynolds

Physics & AI Programmer
Ok, in real life when you shift out of 1st into 2nd you pass through N, as you do as you move between any of the gears ? Or am I still missing the point ??

Yes Mark but in real life you don't hear the engine change into neutral. If I was driving down the motorway at 70 and went from 5th into neutral and then 4th my engine would probably explode at that speed. I did what Peter said and bound Neutral to N on my keyboard, gears 1-6 were already mapped on my shifter and I'm not sure its actually done anything. Its not a game breaker but does break the immersion a little for me when I want to use the shifter.

Graham Laing

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In normal circumstances you would be using your clutch AND lifting your foot off the throttle as you pass through neutral, so you would not be revving in neutral.

It sounds to me that though your are using auto-clutch, you should still do a little throttle lift as you change up through the gears.

This wouldn't be an issue when going down through the gears, because you are normally more or less off-throttle when doing that.:)

Note I am referring to normal driving procedures. I am not taking into account, any other special gear change techniques, like no clutch rev-matching, or blipping the throttle.
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Thanks Graham...yes I am using auto clutch and NOT lifting the throttle unlike when I drive in real life. I'll give this a go later and report back if its any different. Have to wait until the kids are in bed!