Using sim racing and eSports as a way to fund a real motorsport team: could it work?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on an initiative to help talented drivers (without financial backing) land a seat in Formula 4. At the moment we're looking at proper sim racing as a way for us to source the best talent for the team.

What we have in mind is an online sim racing competition where the aspiring drivers would essentially "pool" the resource to finance a collective test with Formula 4 machinery (for the top scorers), and eventually a real seat for the season (for one driver) or at least a race weekend as Plan B. We are also thinking of different ways to reward participants, including coaching sessions, new gear, etc.

At the moment, we're gathering useful information from motorsport and sim racing enthusiasts, especially the ones that race regularly on this platform.

Furthermore, our initiative would also try and help college/university graduates land a first job in motorsport. However, in order for us to get there, we need to find a good way to fund the team.

If you'd like to help us out, all we ask is to fill out this questionnaire (redirects to an anonymous Google Form):

Thank you!

PS. I hope this post doesn't break any rules, I scrolled through previous posts and found similar initiatives and requests for feedback - if it does break the rules of the forum, I apologize in advance.