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Using Google Earth to create a .kml file?


Jeff Handley

Hello all. I hope someone can help me.
I have google earth and I have located a track I wish to replicate for rfactor.
The question is how do I go about capturing the needed data?

Erwin Greven

retired from this site.
Apr 4, 2009
Open Google Earth

Go to Add: path
When you are there you have a crosshairs as cursor when you put it above the map.

You can make your track path with clicking along the road. When you are back at the start, don't click on the start node, leave a small space open. Then click on "OK"

Go to File: save place. In the popup you select *.kml

Go to BTB and select import. There you can import your track.

It will be very bumpy at first. You have to smooth it up then.

Jeff Handley

Thanx Erwin,
I'll give it a shot.
I really appreciate the direction.

Jeff Handley

It worked great!!
TThanx for that.
How do I get the elevation data into it now.
Its what makes Waterford such a great track!!!!

Jeff Handley

Thats GREAT!!!!
Thanx for the link Obmit!!!
And my hat goes off to Travlar


I have done that, but when I click on IMPORT, anything happens.

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