F1 2017 Using a gamepad

F1 2017 The Game (Codemasters)
Hey all

I normally play GTR2/GT Legends and I use an Xbox 360 gamepad using XBCD 360 drivers.

I find the controller works great in those games.

However when I use the gamepad in this game I am forced to use it with the default Microsoft drivers and the steering is too sensitive/twitchy and I constantly lock brakes, in the Williams at least.

I've googled a solution and tried several controller setups to no avail.

I've also tried using X360CE so that I can use the XBCD 360 driver, but I still have the same issues - over sensitive steering and brakes locking up every time I go into a corner.

Anyone here got any tips for getting good use from a gamepad in this game?

Thanks in advance.
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