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Using a download manager?

Ever since the pandemic started my internet download speed plummeted. First I thought it was an issue of this site, but now I have problems to download files from basically anywhere. Yesterday I downloaded an old purchase of mine from Sellfy using JDownloader and had no problems. At times the download stopped, but it could resume, which is something that doesn't happen if I try to download from Firefox, at certain point the download dies. I tried to use JDownloader with this site, but couldn't make the software find the file I wanted to download. Is it possible to use a download manager in this site? At least without being premium.
I have the very same problem. my Downloads keep getting stopped and I can't resume since I can't use a download manager with this website.

Edit: after countless attempts finally found the answer. for me the free "Internet Download Accelarator" works with this website.

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