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    This thread contains links to many useful (and popular) posts, so that you'll be able to easily find what you're looking for. Please do not hesitate to search around yourself in case something isn't listed here and do so before you start a new thread!

    All kinds of issues are being discussed in here, a few of them usual and others...quite unusual!
    Racing Clubs
    Random races going on in here, license needed to participate. A license can be requested here. Having fun together is key, so keep it clean on the track.

    • Mixed (PS3, 360 & PC use the same forum but a thread prefix)

    No matter if you're just out of ideas how to beat a particular race on Expert difficulty or want to improve your car even tho it's not behaving too shabby, this is the place to go.


    Mods are a great way to improve your experience. You can add HD skins for your cars, change your helmets or update your game with 2012 content packs - the sky is the limit.

    This thread is (and will always be) obviously work in progress. If you think there's a particular topic missing, please do not hesitate to send me a message containing your request and, preferrably, a link to the thread you're referring to!
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Thread Status:
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