Used tires at racestart?

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    Hello again!

    Just a thing that happened for the first time tonight! I did good on qualifying and got pole in Nurburgring and Hungaroring. I didn't pay much attention at racestart at Nurburg, only noticed that i got a warning about my tires beeing worn after 3 laps (no i didn't do donuts or drive wreckless)...I felt really "cheated" and was mad about it.

    Got in the pit and got the primes (white?). I lasted barely the rest of the race. I race 25% cause i don't have time for 78 laps. So on lap 12/15 i got 5 secs ahead of Hamilton who was chasing me like wild, by lap 13 i only had 3,5, by 14 i had 1.5, by the last lap he was right up my a**se with 0.300. I fought my way to the finishline and got the win.

    But i felt cheated by the game. How can his tires get better the longer he races? I kept my racepace and did my best with very worn tires.

    Anyhow, on to the next one, Hungaroring. Got pole by beating Sebastian by 0.049 or something. The race starts and the camera shows my car in all worn and dented!??!?!?!?

    The other cars have new nice tires with those four holes showing nicely....Why do I start with worn tyres?

    No i didn't use all my tires during practice, no i didn't go 6-7-8 laps to qualify, i usually go 2-3 and then i fast forward to see if anyone beats me, and maybe i have a second go.

    I know where the strategy is, and i know how to add more pitstops, but racestarts-tires is always greyed out, meaning they can never be changed, right?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    P.S: How do i take screenshots and where do they end up? Is it in my documents or the gamefolder? I wanted to show proof, but couldn't get it right.

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    Karl Fuss

    if you qualify in the top 10 you start on the tyres you used in quali. next time you get back to your pit after a quali lap check those tyres to see how much useful life is left in them. One out lap, one hot lap and one in lap on Options can use anywhere from 10-15% of the tyre life. the more laps you do on them the more they will wear.
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    Yeah its why I use primes for Q1, and for Q2 (If I can manage it) and ONLY do one lap in Q3 with 3 laps of fuel and using all the flashbacks to ensure a clean lap and then thats my qualifying I feel that destroying option tires just to get first is not that good of an idea if you start on them too. I feel that starting 3rd on one lap used tires is better than 1st on 3-5 lap old tires.