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Used Simucube 1 vs Accuforce V2

I have driven/owned both and I have SC2 Pro now.
No it’s not worth the “upgrade”.
The SC1 requires slightly more force reconstruction and tuning to be as smooth as SC2. But once dialed in, they’re virtually the same. People will say how big a jump the SC2 was over their Argon OSW but it’s not the same. Argon was stone age compared to the SC1 controller.
One thing the SC2 does have is that it’s quieter. SC1 has some humming from the driveshaft I’m sure you’ve heard it.
Small MIGE feels very rough when it’s not dialed in. SC2 has the DIY rough edges taken out.
But if your SC1 is tuned already, you won’t notice that.
True Drive is more advanced than SC1 software though. They’re releasing online profiles soon.
Two things make SC2 not worth the price difference. Premature sim development and impending updates to Simucube platform. The wheel module updates, new filters all haven’t been released yet and it’s been over one year.

Thank you for the help everyone. Went with the SC1