Wanted Used Logitech G27 or G25 USA


Hey, I'm in Alabama and have a G27 that has maybe 30 minutes use on.

Great wheel, just only time I have to play is when I'm going to bed. I only have an XB1 now, so I just bought a TX, but haven't had much time with it either.

In my opinion G27 looks better, better stock pedals and stock wheel rim by far. It's got the GTEYE brake mod already installed, which is a progressive spring to give the bake pedal more feel. Its in original logitech box and I could probably sell it as brand new (which I'm not going to do though) as it has no signs on wear, use, anything. Got all original instructions and everything that came with it.

E-mail me if your interested and we can discuss price, etc. I took some pictures about a week ago to put it up for sale and recoup some of the money spent on the TX. It is in the box, ready to be shipped. E-mail me and we can discuss further.

Brandon Kirby


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