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Use of servers

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Andrew Ford, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Is there any way to maximise use of servers on rfactor 2 so that more events could be created.
    At the minute, the staff do a great job to arrange: clio, megane vs gt and f2 races each week.
    However, although the servers are up for practise, very few use them until just before the races. this means that the servers are not being used to their full potential imho. marco mentioned that there are still not enough playing rfactor 2 to make more leagues...but I'm sure we could get say 10 guys in the universe+ to run another league of some kind e.g. meganes. or just have more regular fun events. i'd be happy to run a 30 lap day - night race fun series for example.

    the server each week uses the same track. would it be possible, in theory to release some of that server time for another league/fun event or is that just impossible? sorry, i have no idea about the workings of these things. just putting it out there.