USB converted Fanatec Mclaren wheel seen as a JOY2

Picked up this game... LOVE IT... but all my other titles work NO issues.... but not Automobilista.
My Simcube get knocked down to joy3 and the usb wheel is seen as a CLUBSOPORT wheel, and AUTO applies the wheel and will not allow for Any other inputs...
Is it because of the NAME? anyway to delete these setups for the sim, so it isn't recognized as such?? Not sure what to do..... I don't even have to run Fanaleds because WIndows 10 sees it as buttons.... not issues there... but it is AUTOMATED by Automobilista...and causes issues....

In short.. Start game,
And I see Joy1 (pedals)
Joy2=Usb Clubsort Wheel... Not the BASE...
This is where the problems start.... The game will not let me choose the Joy3,
And NON of the buttons, or click shift work on the USB fanatic wheel (converted by Simracing machines)

Have to uplug it, and SIMCUBE works fine, and use my thrustmaster flight stick as gear changer....because NONE of the buttons work on the wheel in this game....
Sry for long post I will simplify it:

Sim racing machines converted to USB fanatec McLaren gt3 wheel.
I run a OSW FFB mige motor.
ASM or Automobilista or what ever guys call it..... Assigns the RIM as A JOYSTICK, or WHEEL … ect..
Will then not let me use or assign my OSW SIMMCUBE. The game sees it and will not let it be chosen.
It is as it automatically sees the usb converted rim (acts as a button box essentially) as a WHEEL.

If I unplug the usb, and refresh the game imputs, I can use the Simcube, after selecting it, and use my Flight stick as a shifter, and play the game... But I can NOT use the Buttons/shifter ect on the wheel.

Help please....
Sometimes the forum seems a bit dead these days, but pretty sure if you take this over to Reiza forum someone might come along that can be of assistance.

Might have better luck there, than here. ...maybe.

Agreed. Your configuration is as complicated and non-standard as possible. AMS is a bit finicky with USB devices--sometimes the ordering makes a difference as to whether they will work or not. Sometimes just unplugging something, rebooting and plugging it back in will allow AMS to see it properly. Others recommend a utility where you can control the USB order. There are threads about that over on the Reiza forums.

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