Sell (USA) Next Level Racing V3 Motion Platform


Hello fellow racers. Putting my NLR v3 up for sale. Im looking to make the move to a full rig motion platform. I bought it brand new and have owned it for 8 months. I would say it has about 150 or maybe less hours of racing on it. Its in excellent condition and regularly wiped clean from dust. Have not had any issues at all with it. No breakdowns or software issues.

Ive had it hard mounted to my JCL to be faster 8020 rig. Ive not done any mods to it because I used the stock NLR seat with it.

Im asking $2000 for it.

PAYPAL only please. I will cover the paypal fees. I just ask for the buyer to cover shipping/pickup/courier. If your buyer from the CONUS I do get a discount rate on shipping through my workplace.

I do not have the original box (I knew I should of kept it). The platform itself weighs 55 lbs and I reside in Tampa, FL. PM me and we'll try to work something out.

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definitely thinking about SFX. looks like a huge undertaking though.
It's dead easy. The trickiest part is the 3D printing if you've never done it before but a lot of people get others to print for them.


Its between dof or sfx. As of right now the dof has alot more cons, especially with owning a DD wheel.
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