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*** [US] WTCC 2013 @ Hungaroring - 9PM CST***

Personal obligations. Besides I thought you said it was Hockenheim? Not a huge fan of Hungaro
Yeah I was completely sure it was Hocken but then I realized (first) there's no server with WTCC/Hockenheim combo and (second) I did write Hungaro in the other thread!
So, yes: senility attack.
A lot of fun as usual, last night. :)

I had some decent qualy times but I think I literally went from the top of the pack to last at the start of every race. Clearly I can't start....people are just flying by me...wtf am I doing wrong lol?

I am pretty new to Hungaro, so I was a bit out of sorts...Did my obligatory flip on one of the turns, just as I was SLOWLY getting better times. I think I bumped Snappy a few times...didn't think they were too bad until I watched the replays.

Had a blast at Zanedvort, might be my favorite track. Just always have a blast with it. Worked my way back up the pack, only to mess up again, and again, lol.

I got lapped in the ADAC car race....so I will hang my head in shame. I have a tough time on RBR with them.

Played on my new computer...it definitely felt different, better, and I made my settings the same as my old one...which is next to it. interesting.
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James Nance

I like Race cars?
I just watched my barrel roll at Hungaro...pretty good one!

Is there a way to see what position you are in for the replays.

You rolled? Man ill have to watch that replay then, haha. You do have the speed, but what is it that troubles you to make mistakes? If thats answerable.