US RACE Club Schedule - April 2011

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  1. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson

    We have changed the format of the US Race Club to simplify and add enjoyment to your racing experience at Race Department.

    Our goal is to broaden and simplify your racing experience at Race Department's awesome club racing events!

    We have reduced the amount of "add on mod" content on a monthly basis. This is being done so that you will feel more comfortable joining a Race Club event on short notice. With a familiar combination of tracks and cars, we believe Race Department members will feel more at ease joining any club event.

    We will alternate the car class' each month on different days of the week to allow everyone the oppportunity to drive different types of cars if you are on a limited racing schedule and likely to race the same day each week.

    April we will run the following schedule:

    Mondays = Touring cars

    Wdnesday = Mod content cars ( Toyota Truena )

    Thursday = Pure race cars ( radical, Formula RR etc. )

    Friday = GT class cars

    Sunday = Mini Challenge

    So this months remaining schedule as follows:

    Monday April 11th: ATCC @ Curitiba 07
    Monday April 18th: ATCC @ Hockenheim
    Monday April 25th: ATCC @ Gothenburg STCC

    Wednesday April 13th: Toyota Truena @ Brands Hatch 07
    Wednesday April 20th: Toyota Truena @ Istanbul 06
    Wednesday April 27th: Toyota Truena @ Brno 07

    Thursday April 14th: Radicals SR3/4 252 @ Brands Hatch
    Thursday April 21st: Formula RR @ Hockenheim
    Thursday April 28th: Radicals SR3/4 252 @ Brno 07

    Friday April 8th: GT BMW Z4 @ Road America
    Friday April 15th: GT BMW Z4 @ Watkins Glen
    Friday April 22nd: GT BMW Z4 @ Brno 07
    Friday April 29th: GT BMW Z4 @ Nurburgring GP

    Sunday April 10th: Mini @ Curitiba 07
    Sunday April 17th: Mini @ Istanbul 06
    Sunday April 24th: Mini @ Gothenberg STCC
  2. Rich Dozier

    Rich Dozier

    the minis and radicals are fun!
  3. Saul Boucher

    Saul Boucher

    They're all fun!! :)

    Now... choices, choices... ;)
  4. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson

    grab that Toyota Truena the WTCC87 class its sooooooo sweeeeeeet! And the club version could become the new "mini" as it is even easier to drive than a MINI.......yeah easier! go figure......
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