Sell (US) F1 Sim Games R8 Wheel


Apr 28, 2017
I bought this wheel back in September to add a replica style wheel to my collection. The bones were great, but the encoders and circuit board were not the highest quality. I have replaced the old circuit board with a new Bodnar board (as pictured) and upgraded the encoders with CTS288's with new knobs also from Bodnar (which can now be addressed using Bodnar's free software for detents, not previously possible with original board. They are currently set 1:1 -- 1 click = 1 change in setting value). The upgrades are not a knock on F1SimGames, I'm sure if I had wanted to pay for the premium hardware Thomas would have installed them. I just didn't know what to ask for when ordering. I could have opted for Ascher shifters, but to be honest, the F1SimGames shifters are quite nice. I have Aschers on other wheels and wouldn't consider changing this wheel over (although you could). Also, I had a spare grip manufactured by F1SimGames to use when I would need to send the old one out to get re-covered. Since the original one is still like-new you'll get 2x the life out of the grip. Just screw the new one on when you think it's time. If you are upgrading to OSW, or are just looking to build your existing collection this is a great replica wheel available today - without the weeks or months of lead time - and at a discount.

I have over $750 in this less than 6-month old wheel; looking to get $550 shipped in lower 48. Includes wheel, spare grip, 70MM PCD extension, coiled USB, wheel plug interface to bolt to your rig, and USB A/B cord to go the rest of the way to your computer.

IMG_0623 (1).jpg

New Board
New Board and wiring Installed
. Old Board and wiring