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[US] DTM92 @... WHEREVER!! :D

Ok guys! This is it!
I think is Right and Just to run on these monsters as quickly as possible.
What do you guys think if we grab a race on the 27th 9PM CST (as usual)?
We don't know what kind of servers they'll put up but we'll sort it out in 2 days!
Personally I'd like to run on Nurburgring but we'll see ;)
Are you in guys?
I want to race you @Emilio Collavino after your early exit "freeze":cautious: in the middle of a pass. I want more battle with you :p

Today I feel pretty graphical :D

EDIT> After a quick analysis... I think you'll be more likely dueling Mr @James Nance instead of me... but we'll see.
Defensive driving: unleash!!
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Eheh! LoL, dumbness rules! ::facepalm:: I can try be around 2PM (EST) so it'd be 8 PM over there... not sure tho it's gonna work. Anyway I'll update the Event on --ESR-- Group as well so maybe we'll get even more ppl ;-)