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US Based leagues and FIA GT1 2010 fun races proposal

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Sk3ptik0n, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Sk3ptik0n


    2 things I'd like to ask:

    1) I am really confused about the current GTR2 league. Are there any RD sponsored GTR2 leagues that are available for US West coast members? Meaning, not happening at 7:00am?

    2) A month or so ago I procured a great mod of the FIA GT1 2010 cars. The origin of this mod are a bit dubious according to what I have read on this and other forums, so I apologize if I am broaching a taboo subject. I simply don;t have enough info on it.

    The mod is really well done and a lot of fun to drive. The cars are very equal (as opposed to the GT500 mod I have where driving the corvette pretty much leaves everyone else in the dust) and they are beautifully done.

    The 2010 FIA GT series was probably the best kept secret in motorsports last season, with some of the closest racing anywhere and rules that promoted passing and changed of lead.

    I would love to get going some fun races using this mod. I am inexperienced at setting up servers and organize the whole thing, but all I need is one experienced person to show me the ropes and I will do the grunt work, make the mod available, procure the tracks and set the whole thing up in a dropbox account.

    I would be more than open to setting up 3 races per session if that would interest european and australian racers (again, I am inexperienced and probably assuming more participation than it would have, but just in case). Or at least 2 sessions one for AU and US and one for EU. Again, if necessary

    The idea is to set up a series of Fun races, in order to learn and to have fun with these cars, but eventually I wouldn't mind having a full on league. That would be excellent but again I'd have to learn a whole lot even just to be able to help.

    In any case, if someone could let me know if something like this would be feasible and if that's the case I'd love to know how many would want to participate.

    Thank you
  2. Wayne Reed

    Wayne Reed

    RD don't run USA events or leagues as there is no USA staff. you should send a pm to Bram and speak to him about being staff for the USA if he thinks it is a good idea then you might get the job :)
  3. Akbar Sal

    Akbar Sal

    yea, this would attract me. with australian racers that would make race time a bit nice for me as i am at asian time. :)
  4. Sk3ptik0n


    Thanks Wayne, I'll actually take you up and talk to them when the time is right. I Have since spoken with a lot of folks here in my time zone and we are all a bit lost with no racing (not even on iRacing) available in our best times, so I Have been considering building my own site and host my own series. But talking to RD sounds like an excellent idea. I don't think one person could do it alone, unless they do it full time and people do have to pay bills (I know I do) but maybe I could put together a small team to help me out and at least have a bimonthly series for the US in each sim and some practice nights.

    I guess I'll see.

    Akbar, actually I Have been thinking about how to include Australians in what I am setting out to do. I guess I'll Have to download a world clock and do some simple math.

    Thanks you both.
  5. Kenneth House

    Kenneth House

    African-American interested in both the fia and supergt races (though my supergt mod hasn't been updated to include the corvette yet). i can't get enough of watching the fia 2010 at dubai race . i also notice that the bmw z4 gt3 in the fia mod is not the accurate raced in the series . the actual version is the bmw z4 sdrive 35i gt3.
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