URD is to blame %100, crackling audio.

Bought the URD T5 2018, and as I've posted before, changed to 512 channels, re-installed audio drivers, lowered the master and engine volume to 7, wind 0, all audio effects are off (room correction, EQ, effects etc), two different hdmi cables and even just went straight headphones - crackling,clipping audio. And on a mid-high end pc and audio system.

Of all my paid mods, VRC's and stock Kuni's, this is the only one doing this, and URD wont answer emails.
So I went and found the T5 2015 and removed the 2018. First run and Zero audio issues.

Is it possible to swap the 2015 engine audio with the 2018 cars?
Or just throw the money and the 2018 T5 in the can...

Mitja Bonca

Sure it is.
But you better throw your money and the mod in the can - to make sure this will never happen again.

On the side note, your sound issues are not URD`s fault, I`m possitive. Please STOP insulting others, with no reason what so ever, before even saying some facts. If you don`t know how to fix some issues, that doesn`t mean it`s 100% others fault. If this would be the case, many of others would report that kind of issue too, don`t you agree?
Next time coming here, you rather ask a question, than making an insulting statement.

Please close this thread for good.
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Thats insulting? Saying that every paid mod I have, URD, VRC and RSS and all stock Kuni cars and some others, dont have this issue?
Its simply narrowed down - the 2015 T5 doesn't do it, the 2018 T5 version does.
Well since you said, "If you don`t know how to fix some issues, that doesn`t mean it`s 100% others fault" then what else would you do, that I haven't mentioned above? With only one latest version of one single mod doing it?

Asking to close a thread for good... Good grief, I only asked if the engine sound swap could be made.
search google for content manager and download it for AC it will allow you to swap engine sounds around between cars and a whole lot more..its a far better launcher than the kunos one in every way :thumbsup:
You are the first one reporting this actually and for the email-we received none about this issue that includes you as we didnt get any report from you eather.
The sounds issues we had, were around the missing sounds and we fixed that.
No problem. The email looks to have gone through because ironically, this morning I got an auto URD email regarding the Christmas discounts ;) It may have just fell through the cracks, no biggie. Thanks Mitja (sorry, I didn't mean to get bent out of shape) and Terra on the swap.

I may own apology. I found both Audi T5 2015 and 2018 running together by them selves, and I'm even hearing crackling from someone elses video.

Can someone tell me if they hear it too?