URD Detroit (Ford GTE) Update

Just received an email
rF2&AC Detroit EGT 2018 updates:
rF2 fixed pit timing
AC changelog: -corrected fuel consumption -default tyre compound set to medium -materials tweaks -textures updated


I tested the new update yesterday, the #66 and #67 liveries are still swapped:

And the car is still a touch too fast compared to the official Endurance Pack GTE's. (But I like it anyway)


I picked up the Detroit a couple of days ago, as far as I'm concerned it sits pretty much perfectly with rF2's other GTE cars in terms of looks, sounds and performance.

Terry Rock

Just picked up this car a few days back...really like the handling and the exhaust note.
I have not yet touched setup.
Car feels good out-of-the-box.
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