URD Detroit 2018 EGT / Ford GT MKII skin

Skins URD Detroit 2018 EGT / Ford GT MKII skin 0.99

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krissboo submitted a new resource:

URD Detroit 2018 LM / Ford GT MKII skin - Ford GT MkII Skin for the URD Detroit LM 2018 mod

Love the Ford GT MKII so I decided to make a couple of skins for the URD Detroit EGT 2018 LM mod.
It's not entirely accurate as this skin is not really meant for the LeMans car and unfortunately there are no race numbers because the MKII doesn't race in any classes, it is strictly a track toy for rich people ;) but I think it works really well on this mod.

There's two versions, one with just the blue and gold design with the black stripe, and one with the Multimatic logos added as they...

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