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Upgraded shifter knob for G27

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Burke Wells, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Burke Wells

    Burke Wells

    Just wanted to share an image of my new shifter knob. Pulled this out of a wrecked Dodge Durango in a junkyard for just $2. Had to drill out the hole just a bit (nylon/plastic core) in order to fit the G27's shifter rod, but it ended up working perfectly, twisting on snug enough to stay put, yet not permanent if I ever need to get it off again.

    While I had the original knob off, I went ahead and did the Ricmotech shifter upgrade (strip of velcro around rim opening under boot).

    The original G27 knob is nice with its leather covering, but I didn't much like the feel of that plastic cap on the top, as I could feel the edges of it in the palm of my hand. The full leather covering of this old Dodge knob not only looks great and feels great, but it's twice the height of the original knob which really adds to the throw distance of the shifter. Combined with the velcro mod in the boot, this really feels like a whole new shifter and an absolute joy to drive. Feels like shifting a real car...

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