Upgrade advice for Assetto Corsa/Custom Shaders patch setup

Aug 8, 2017

I've been playing Assetto Corsa pretty happily on my current hardware for a while. But I keep seeing youtube videos of LA Canyons and other tracks where the graphics look incredible, and it just doesn't look as good for me when I play. I'm considering my options for improving the quality, but I'm only prepared to spend so much. I have been monitoring my CPU and GPU load whilst playing and have found that well optimised tracks (such as LA Canyons and Kunos Nordschleife) only load my CPU up to 60% and the GPU runs pretty flat out, but is still very smooth and good FPS. Less well optimised tracks seem to run at a lower load for the GPU (80-90%) but the CPU hits 100% at times and generally runs in the 85-95% range, in these circumstances it starts dropping frames and this gets worse the more cars I have on track.

Firstly my hardware. I have a GTX 1050Ti card, which I'm considering upgrading to a 1660Ti as this seems to give a lot of bang for buck. I'm thinking that this will allow me to run more intensive graphics options but to be honest, I can't really see anything in Content manager or CSP that needs turning up. I'm only running a single display at 1920x1080.

My CPU is an AMD FX4300 3.8GHz. I have 8GB of RAM installed and I was thinking of upgrading to the 16GB that my board supports. I would consider a CPU upgrade, but am probably inclined to try more RAM first.

Everything is clocked normally and since I know nothing about overclocking I haven't seriously thought about overclocking anything.

I'm running version 0.1.46 of the CSP and I've played with some settings but regardless of what I do I'm not noticing any change in quality. I have noticed that there's moving water in some videos but for me the water is always static (does that point towards anything in particular?).

Thanks for reading all that, I'll be grateful to anyone who can point me towards some useful reading, or can offer any advice.