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update v1.15 on Xbox One another tale of woe

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by MarkR, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. MarkR


    I've been waiting for the official v1.15 console new item but it doesn't seem to have appeared so I've started this thread.

    The v1.15 Assetto Corsa console update is once again full of issues. Let's start with the one good point:

    + The AI cars behave more like the current PC build, they race each other, choose lines and give reasonable racing space.


    --- For all the AI improvement the car at the front of grid in career/special events scampers off at full speed regardless of difficulty setting. For example in the 'A taste of the Ring' special event of the 11 opponent cars on medium setting (remember some of us have kids who like to play these game elitists!) 10 of the AI cars run 2.03 - 2.04 laps, yet the one lead car runs 1.59s a time that is well up with the best times on RSR live timing! This makes the special events, even at medium settings unlikely to be achieved once you have fight through the pack.

    How many laps? This is the setup screen for the 'A Taste of the Ring' Special Event (not a quick race as stated), the screen states 2 durations, 3 laps & 5 laps. The actual race is 5 laps, this error is present on all the Special Events I've seen so far.

    --- The stutter and frame rate drops are back with a vengeance even on tracks that previously ran well. The game is just about playable. Without framerate measuring software I'd estimate the drop in corners is to something like 15-20fps. This is as bad as just after the initial update after launch (not as bad as at launch as the game ran single digit fps then)

    --- All game settings, special event medals, career progress, tuning setups have been deleted and are gone forever. Saves haven't worked from the start but a game wipe 1 year after launch with no warning that is unheard of. As a beta/preview programme game this would be accepted, as a full price game, this is unacceptable. Current advice from Kunos is to contact MS support, yet MS support just confirms the save is gone never to return.

    --- The much-vaunted custom controls don't work, there are multiple details I frankly can't be bothered to list here. This 'new' feature was not either not tested or testing results were ignored and the patch was pushed out anyway.

    It's almost certain I'll be hammered on here for questioning @kunos (care to comment?) and his team, so let's be clear as a single player hot-lapping experience the steering feel on Xbox One is unparalleled and no other driving game gets close but that is the only clear cut positive.

    The Xbox One version of Assetto remains a broken mess. Players paid good money for a working product and in over a year they still get this mess. There are currently 28 players online on Xbox One so if your objective has been to drive away the few remaining players, job done, we're abandoning the game having given Kunos a year to get it right.

    Much like RacePro on Xbox 360 Assetto promised a lot and delivered very little on the console. A missed opportunity and the silence/attitude to the feedback of Kunos has alienated many console gamers.

    Great PC game, the worst performing Xbox One game yet and truly arrogant response from a seemingly disinterested developer.

    The only thing I agree with the AC fanboys on is that this game should have remained a PC exclusive.
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  2. Andy_J

    PC Veteran Gamer and Biker. Premium

    This sounds like a disaster for Kunos. :(