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DiRT Rally 2.0 Update today 11.00am

There's no FFB fix in tomorrow's patch...

"Hi all,

Just wanted to comment here after taking a week off - I'm now back in the office, although we do have a few people out at GDC at the moment which is also why it's been quite quiet our end. Just on some of the discussions I've seen: we'll be patching the game hopefully Wednesday (subject to approvals and everything going smoothly). When that's all locked in, you'll get the full patch notes. We've addressed a lot of the stuff you've been asking for... the FFB is with our handling team, so no changes on that front - but we've managed to squeeze a lot in for this patch. I'll have specifics for you when it's all confirmed, but please rest assured that we're on it.

We're not ghosting anyone, and everything people have said around all corners of the @dirtgame community has been reported back. It's worth mentioning that it's just me here, and when I'm not commenting on stuff it's likely I'm in meetings fighting your corner and voicing your frustrations around the studio. We've got loads more to come - patches, seasonal content, additional features and all - so please, stay tuned!

Cheers, Christina"

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/b1u25s/please_stop_ghosting_us_codemasters/
New post from Christina on official CM forum :
"Hi all,

Just popping into this thread with less gossip, but more a heads up - the patch is confirmed to go live at 11am tomorrow!

RaceNet will go down for maintenance (for a maximum of an hour) while we patch the game, so please make sure you're not in game when that happens as it could compromise event times uploading to the server. I'll be back early tomorrow morning with a Road Book featuring patch notes and some information about what we've tweaked server side too - as well as more info on how we're doing with FFB.

Looking forward to getting the fixes and the info out to you.


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