HTC Vive

Update 1.37 Open Beta

Durge Driven

Jun 17, 2017
So what's coming with it, you ask? Let's start with the major thing on the list - a new sound engine! As you probably read in our first tease of this development, this is the first planned phase of bringing new and better sounds to our games. With the 1.37 update, we are radically redefining the way we mix vehicle and environment sounds. We are switching from having two separate sound sets for the interior and exterior of your truck; to a new system which is based on a unified sfx set with various filters and effects applied on it during the final composition.

The end result sounds fantastic to our ears already, and we are just getting started. We are really looking forward to your reaction! You can also expect new sound for most of the AIs (including trains) and experience true Doppler effect as the first fruits from the integration of the FMOD sound library.