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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Sarinaide, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Sarinaide


    I am somewhat new to F1 2010, picked up the game on special and while I will say I can't wait for the 2011 edition, the 2010 game has plenty upside along with its problems.

    I will skip the nitty gritty of it all and get down to the gameplay issues;

    I have the vanilla game along with the;

    Pirelli tyre Mods
    Tyre Deg Mods
    Ai Mod
    Multiple pits
    Driver and Car updates and Liveries

    My issues are somewhat distorted results, in my first season, in my limited playing time I am at Monaco with 50% races and All assists bar the cornering indicator off. I am playing with HRT and had the following results;

    Bahrain - 8th
    Melbourne - 14th
    Malaysia - 10th
    Shaghai - 8th
    Catalunya - 3rd (heavy raceday rain, completed the race on one set of wets when the AI pitted for Inters)

    Clearly the results are not realistic as there is no hope or miracle that HRT will ever get those results, are there ways of tweaking the realism so that you get the 24th-16th finishes expected of HRT. The game is on Legend while AI mod is on 90-95%, I struggle in Quali to match the AI but in race terms the AI is somewhat slower and also seems to have catch up on despite being disabled.......you for starters take to much of the field and second cannot drive a realistic pit gap. Or is the game somewhat iffy with low end cars and more realistic when you get a seat with a mid field and highend team.

    The other issue, is there a mod to correct ingame commentary after you do the driver updates..........Ie: Di Resta is Liuzzi in the game, Liuzzi is Senna and the game picks it up as such though the bios are all correct.
  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Yeah to make the results more realistic then turn the ai mod onto 100%, turn the assists off then see how you fair, you gotta do more work more prone to mistakes but you get a much better feeling for the car.

    As for modding the database I doubt theres a way to change it unless theres another guy who has recorded it, but even then I wouldnt have a clue.
  3. Paul Lock

    Paul Lock

    Cant help you with the AI mods as I pretty much only drive online (in fact in about a year ive not even completed my first season!)

    But I can assure you that the modders were not able to get Rob Smedley to re-record his commentary! :D
  4. Sarinaide


    I find ramping up to 100% has the result where the AI is almost faultless and drive away whilst I start a Trulli train with no pit window, At 90% I find the window is managable, funnily it seems like DNF doesn't exist in the game.

    I can't fault the game though, I find it extremely enjoyable and hopefully the 2011 game (on pre-order) fixes and exceeds expectations.

    PS: Catalunya is madness, I do 1:27 odd and the slowest AI driver clocks 1:25, thank the heavens for heavy rain.
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