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"Unreal Engine" Poblem - preceding shadow on sharp edges

Hey Community,

I have trouble with a kind of preceding shadow when i play games that are based on the unreal engine.

As you can see in the first picture, it is around sharp edges and is facing towards the movement direction. In in that case i steered to the right and the shadow was also on the right side.
Same in the other direction... Pic 2.
Please also see the Video below:

What is that?
How is this phenomen called and how can i solve this?

Best regards,


  • Pic 1.jpg
    Pic 1.jpg
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  • Pic 2.jpg
    Pic 2.jpg
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It's called ghosting, but I don't see it like this in ACC, only when I am looking at the back of the car I can see the shadow producing some ghosting. What are your graphic settings ingame?

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