UNOFFICIAL: 2015 Volunteer Thread

Kris Cobb

Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal
Some of the major leadership and very involved people in FSR (and minor figures as well) all agree that the CRITICAL PROBLEM facing FSR RIGHT NOW is the lack of volunteers.

As the title says, this is an UNOFFICIAL thread. Some of us would like to see who is WILLING to do the work. It would obviously fall to the 2015 President to choose the actual people.

I know this is VERY early to be posting this, but this is just to get an idea of who is willing to volunteer. If you KNOW you do not have the time next year please do not post. If you can only volunteer part of the year, put down that time frame so we can see what the new administration has to work with.

This is not a debate thread. Just put down what you would be willing to volunteer for.

Do not criticize anyone that puts their name down. That is a good way to drive away someone else.

Some positions that may be needed (always dependent on the new Administration):

Press Team - Articles (Pre and Post Race), Interviews

Media Team - Commentators (3 divisions), Camera crew, highlights, script writers (for highlights)

Race Directors (3 divisions) - Steward Races, Post race checks, moderate respective subforum

Technical Team - Mod, Tracks, Possibly: Server maintenance, website

Business Team - Find sponsors, marketing, assist in promotion

@David Dominguez and @Ondrej Kuncman may have more to add, but I think that is the core that we need.

I would expect volunteers from the World Championship teams. Ideally the more volunteers the better, so don't turn away just because there are a lot of volunteers for something already.

Dates (if Appicable):
Name: Ron Squire
Position: Media Team (Highlights)
Date (if Appicable): starting from 2015 up to 2020
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Name: Nick Rowland
Media Team
- May make a return to Commentating. Would not mind doing the voice over for the highlights video though.
Business Team - I am not sure where this would fall but I think a heavy influence on Social Media is required and would like to help with that where I can.
Dates (if Appicable): As and when needed.

Ondrej Kuncman

Position: Sporting Director as per my concept of new statuses (or a similar position)
Dates (if Appicable): 2015

conditioned by having a president of the following values: responsibility, certain level of intelligence, shared basic concept of what FSR should aim to be, dedication, cooperation and last but not least, winner never giving up attitude. Success would be assured then.
Name: Dian Kostadinov
Position: Race Directors
Dates (if Appicable): 2015

I would help with Stewards stuff (Ace and Pro) and I'm ready to help race director with whatever is needed, but unfortunately I would not have the time to be appointed as seperated Race Director. I'm experienced driver, and I hope my knowledges to be useful for FSR.
Name: Dmitry Zaharov
Position: Technical: site and server. As an experienced sysadmin/webscripter can do everything regarding site except design.
Dates (if Applicable): 2015

James Sadler

GhostSpeed Racing Manager
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All I can is actively help in the promotion side, get deals with getting a better website (if money is offered from FSR that is). I can't really run for president right now, I don't know enough knowledge of how to run a league, nor do I have the time since I am managing and own 2 teams in 2 different leagues really (Skizzato in SRZ and Twister here).

I vote (I know we are not voting lol, don't bash me) for Ondrej to be the sporting director, and I think the best candidate for President alongside Ondrej is David Dominguez really. It would also be easier for me to help them with things I have said above, since I know them very well
Name: Dmitry Zaharov
Position: Technical: site and server. As an experienced sysadmin/webscripter can do everything regarding site except design.
Dates (if Applicable): 2015
Website, rework whole website, make it modern and functional is kind of vital to get people interested in FSR and for FSR's image really