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UNOFFICALLY CONFIRMED XBOX: 1080p/60fps; 32-44 opponents


Nov 10, 2012
60 fps was confirmed a while ago on xbox one; now this leaked video confirmed 1080p on xbox one with HUGE grids and all the features of a real SIM. Enjoy....
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Apr 9, 2013
Lot's of leagues will be forming around this title. It's going to attract lots of new people to SIM racing, for sure.


Nov 10, 2012
EXCLUSIVE: This could be the greatest racing sim you've EVER played
PROJECT CARS is the next big racing game coming to console and the creative director behind the game is promising a Destiny-like experience.

By Tom Hutchison / Published 20th March 2015

Andy Tudor, of Slightly Mad Studios, believes his team have created one of the best car simulators ever.

And he's promising fans a long future of Project CARS way after the game launches in May, with constant tweaks and updates to keep driving fans coming back for more.

He's compared future plans for the title to that of sci-fi game Destiny, which receives regular new missions to play and has a decade-long plan in place.

Andy said: "The concept of releasing a game and moving on are long gone.

"Project CARS both from a technology and design standpoint are built for the future, so expect to see A LOT of content coming out for the game on a regular basis long after launch.

"We’ll have more info on this soon but looking at what Destiny is doing is a good starting point ;-)"

He said the game, which features so many authentic race tracks that it covers 250 miles of tarmac, is already a success before it's even on shelves thanks to public funding from fans, its amazingly detailed 4K TV broadcast ability and virtual reality headset connectivity.

He said: "In some ways it’s already been a success… the first AAA title to ever be crowd-funded, a racing game that’s being considered a contender in the same sentence as Forza and Gran Turismo, one of the first titles to be publicly shown running at 4K resolution, the premium racing experience on Oculus Rift, the most beautiful and technically-advanced racing game on the planet, and one that’s captured the imaginations of gamers, media, real drivers, and motorsports fans around the world.

"Every piece of feedback or critique or praise we get helps make the game better and better so the success has come from the community really.

"If it wasn’t for their belief, their dedication, and their evangelism about the game to the world it would never have been possible.

"Ultimately success gets measured in sales and scores though.

"We have our hopes, and we have our targets, and we have our early indications but it’ll be seeing gamers pick it up off the shelf to go and purchase it, or full multiplayer lobbies, or millions of Driver Network photos/replays on social media are each the individual things that will make us smile when the game is released."

And while its in a crowded market with the likes of Forza Horizon 2 and Driveclub getting good feedback on PS4 and Xbox One, he believes Project CARS will stand out come May.

He said: "Both of those titles - and The Crew - are in the action/arcade space.

"So the experience you get there is careening around an open world or drifting for points or doing missions for cash etc.. and gradually grinding through the game to unlock the good stuff.

"And, as experienced racing fans and gamers we’ve done that many times over the years and our own habits and the way people play games compared to all the other digital diversions like Twitter and OnDemand TV and browsing sub-Reddits has changed too so Project CARS reflects that.

"It’s at the Forza/Gran Turismo end of the spectrum (ie.. an accurate recreation of motorsports and the true handling/sound/visuals of cars) that breaks the mould of the usual grind for Cash or XP by having a career mode that let’s you choose your starting point from any of the motorsports on offer and encourages you to make your own decisions on where you go, how you climb, what you strive for just like real drivers do.

"And with content then coming out for the game on a regular basis that adds even more opportunities and variety, it’s an intense and authentic experience really built for the future."

He added: "We’re a full simulation - the cars are the the most accurate digital recreations out there, we have more track locations than the competition, the physics are next-gen and extremely complex.

"The lighting and weather system are dynamic and based off real-world data and the mapping of the near-solar system.

"We run at 12K resolution and on virtual reality devices, we support more than 30 wheels, and provide a truly authentic experience such that even the real racing drivers are now using it as practice for the real thing.

"But equally, we haven’t forgotten our work on Need For Speed.

"So you have full control over how authentic the handling is, the onscreen guides to aid you around the track, driving assists, where you start your career (in slower/more manageable karts, or straight in at the deep end of supercars and prototypes).

"In fact the first thing the game will ask you is “Whereabouts do you think you lie on the racing spectrum?” and it’ll tailor various bits of the game to your particular preference and skill level.

"All these little things we hope make the game more inclusive and accessible to newcomers whilst still providing veteran racers with something bespoke to their level of experience."

Project CARS is out mid-May on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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Michael Watts

XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts
Sep 18, 2011
I want this game!!! But I just realized I can use my CSR wheel on PS4 without having to schil out $400 for a new wheel. Now I'm faced with another tough decision... Friends vs. $400 Wheel.

Matthew Booth

Oct 11, 2010
I want this game!!! But I just realized I can use my CSR wheel on PS4 without having to schil out $400 for a new wheel. Now I'm faced with another tough decision... Friends vs. $400 Wheel.
Well if it helps im on PS4 so you can atleast race someone :)


Nov 10, 2012
Yes, you are indeed very correct I see. However, I must say, I don't think it will matter, for several reasons.

First, is upscaling:
All sub-1080p games are very nicely upscaled to 1080p on Xbox one, eliminating any pixelation/blurriness. That's why most people can't tell the difference. I have a 1440p monitor, but my graphics card can't handle 1440p on most games, so I have to turn down the in-game settings to output 1080p and even 720p for some games. This causes an extreme amount of blurriness on 1080p, and straight up pixelation on 720p. This doesn't happen on Xbox One for games that are below 1080p because of its superb upscaling.

Second, is that unless you are playing on a hi res ultra HD mnitor that is about 26" or less and you are sitting 4-6' away or less, the human eye will not be able to tell:

The real key here is 60fps. It would be nice to have 1080p, but unless they get the anti-aliasing right and you have a very small monitor, it's not going to matter. That said, there is really no excuse for all games to get to 1080p/60fps if Forza can do it. My guess is that pCARS and it's sheer size will not allow it on xbox. Yet.


Nov 10, 2012
In fact, some argue that 900p upscaled by the xbox to a 1080p screen actually looks better due to the additions that the upscaler not only adds but the additions that the developer can add to the pixel quality since they don't have to worry about rendering in 1080p. As M/S/ explains (I realize the bias, but FWIW):
Xbox One engineer Andrew Goossen has now commented further on this in a (fairly layman-unfriendly) Digital Foundry report. "We've chosen to let title developers make the trade-off of resolution versus per-pixel quality in whatever way is most appropriate to their game content," he told the site.

"A lower resolution generally means that there can be more quality per pixel. With a high quality scaler and anti-aliasing and render resolutions such as 720p or '900p', some games look better with more GPU processing going to each pixel than to the number of pixels; others look better at 1080p with less GPU processing per pixel."
This differs to Microsoft's launch-day approach with the Xbox 360, Goossen continued. "We built Xbox One with a higher quality scaler than on Xbox 360, and added an additional display plane, to provide more freedom to developers in this area.
"This matter of choice was a lesson we learned from Xbox 360 where at launch we had a Technical Certification Requirement mandate that all titles had to be 720p or better with at least 2x anti-aliasing - and we later ended up eliminating that TCR as we found it was ultimately better to allow developers to make the resolution decision themselves.
"Game developers are naturally [incentivised] to make the highest quality visuals possible," he concluded. "And so will choose the most appropriate trade-off between quality of each pixel versus number of pixels for their games."
Thoughts on all this? I can't say choice of resolution ever bothers me hugely providing the game's aesthetic is appropriately conceived, but extra-crisp textures are always nice. Here are six ways Xbox One's exclusives back up Microsoft's rhetoric about the hardware's capabilities, as muddled through by me.

This can be demonstrated by watching a comparison of 900p XBO Battlefield4 vs PS4 1080p native Battlefield 4:

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