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Unlock Key

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Gary Jibb, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Gary Jibb

    Gary Jibb

    Hey guys. I'm hoping someone can direct me of who to talk to about a little problem I'm having.

    I just re-formatted my computer and re-installed Windows 7. I went from 32-bit to 64-bit for personal preference but this is unimportant. When I started the game for the first time it asked for the unlock key which it should have. The key that is inside of my boxed version of rFactor did not work, although I do remember it not working during the very first install after buying the game.
    I nonchalantly sent customer support an email saying the same thing, my key didn't work even right after purchase. Well this is what they sent me

    "Thank you for contacting Trymedia Customer Support.
    I am sorry you can not activate "rFactor" and I will gladly assist.
    Unfortunately we are unable to support boxed games. All we deal with is downloadable games.
    But what I can tell you anyway is that "rFactor" is not compatible with Windows 7, the operating system you are using.
    Please get back to us with any questions about our downloadable games.
    Thank you"

    This confuses me a little bit, especially since not even 24 hours ago I had it working fantastically on Windows 7.

    So I'm simply asking if anyone can tell me who to get in contact with next to try to get me a key for my own purchased game. Maybe I contacted the wrong people in the first place, but I used the rFactor registration windows own form to send them questions.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can get back racing.

  2. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    Found this on the ISI website underneath the trymedia stuff.

  3. Dave Oliver

    Dave Oliver

    Well if its not compatible with Win 7 64bit, then how have i had it working for the last 2years.
  4. Gary Jibb

    Gary Jibb

    Thanks for the replies guy.

    I never had a purchase number though since I bought a physical copy of the game and the key was written inside the box. I did send an email to rFactor support on the ISI website. Hopefully someone within a few days will be able to sort this out for me, it wasn't this hard to do last time. I sent one email and BAM there was my new validation key.

    Also, I just had rFactor installed on Windows 7 not even 2 days ago, so I found it kinda funny for someone to tell me it wasn't compatible. I think there would be alot of upset people if I was not Windows 7 compatible, I know I would be.