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MGP13 Unlock All Mod 1.101

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Tommi-TAG submitted a new resource:

MotoGP 13 : Unlock All Mod - MotoGP 13 Unlock All Mod

MotoGP 13 : Unlock All Mod

This time, I edited "Unlock All Mod" for MotoGP 13.
This Mod uses the same modding way as I released for WRC 3 and SBK Generations before.
And I edited this Mod for MotoGP 13 too :)



- This Mod unlocks All Riders, Teams, Helmets, Pictures and Videos.

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Hi! I have the steam version, how do I update the game to 1.1? The mod does not work ... :(

Hello, Supernova76.
Normally, Steam updates the game automatically.
Please check the following Steam settings.

Steam "Library" menu -> Right click on "MotoGP 13" -> Properties -> Select"UPDATAS" tab -> Select "Always keep the game up to date"

Hope this helps :)
Tommy I checked that option was already 'selected!

But the game is updated to version :(
The version of "MotoGP13.exe" is "" in my installation too.
Please chech the version of the MotoGP 13 launcher (left below).
It must be "v1.100" :)

Thanks for comments, everyone.
Updated the Mod to patched Ver.1.101.
I'm really sorry for the delay in updating the Mod for my personal reason.