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Underdog, Underdog, 3 1 2 3

Growing up in England we had a game named British Bulldog. You shouted "British Bulldog 1 2 3" And ran across a field and the bulldog (A person pre selected) had to catch you and stop you.
The Azerbajan GP at Baku was like that. If you don't get caught out by the track you can finish. I cant remember a podium where the 3 drivers where underdogs (Being that they are overshoe by teammates with Perez and Vettel. And Gasly is a privateer team )
Yes i feel sorry for Verstappen and Stroll as there tire's failed. The AWS graphic showed red hot tires on the back. This means they are ready to pop. To be honest the race was quite clean for the most part. I thought there would be a pile up of cars any second. But the accidents did not affect the other drivers as they happened when the car's where running wide open.
Lets hope for more racing like this in the future.