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Unable to start Racer

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by josephobrien200, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. josephobrien200


    Hopefully not too much of a problem to sort
    I have a Radeon 9700 with Intel Centrino 1.7GHz Laptop
    Unable to start non-Cg version of racer. I get the following error:

    Tue Aug 31 17:28:02 (INFO): --- application start ---
    Tue Aug 31 17:28:02 (FATAL): Exception 0xC0000005, flags 0, Address 0x00000000
    (this dialog text is stored in QLOG.txt)

    OS-Version: 5.1.2600 (Service Pack 3) 0x300-0x1

    0x005C7F4B [racer_nocg]: (filename not available): (function-name not available)
    0xA0FF0000 [(module-name not available)]: (filename not available): (function-name not available)

    Any ideas?

    version 6.5 is the only version that DOES work

    Thanks in advance.
  2. DavidBG


    I get the same error with that version, and "Invalid Configuration error with 0.6.5, only 0.5.0 works for me.
  3. mdbobbo


    attempted solution report

    Hi there Joseph and David,
    seeing the "this text is stored in QLOG.txt" make me think it might be the graphics card setting.
    I'm not 100% sure.
    but I have had something like this on my system when playing with the settings.
    to correct this I have set my Graphics card setting back to their default
    And recommend that you write down the setting you have before altering them so you can see the difference and trial each setting as you proceed.

    some times with the version 0.8.19 using the 1=OpenGL setting in the motion_blur section of racer.ini is a bit suspect (might just be my machine or still the graphics card setting instead) on some systems to if you've changed that setting in the racer.ini file

    ; ... start of example code to look for
    ; Method: 0=disabled, 1=OpenGL accumulation buffers, 2=blur-texture, 3=bitmap (not functional), 4=FBO (fast texture based)
    ; Preferred is FBO (the future is going to do more & more with FBO's due to Cg shaders)
    ; ... end of example code to look for

    as you can see I'm using method 4=FBO (fast texture based) and that seems to work fine.

    I also posted some comments on this forum at ...
    which includes my Racer.ini file you could try AFTER... backing up your own in a seperate folder please.
    changes I made to the racer.ini file are also posted in that forum post so you can review them and how to recognise my changes before going there.
    lastly I'm using Vista home premium 64 bit with a Nvidia GeForce 8600GT graphics card so if your not using windows or the same card you might need some other solution. :damnit:

    if you just want to drive for fun without testing the version I also recommend for the time being to set the auto exposure back to the following (it's set as the default already) so that the tracks are not too dark to drive on.
    ; ... start of alternative code ( default already from the download )
    ; If enabled, calculates luminance of the scene and automatically adjusts the 'exposure'
    ; It then overrules any exposure setting from track special.ini files or the script 'exposure' command
    enable=1 ; mdbobbo suggesting to return Auto exposure so that it's easier to drive
    ; Time per luminance sample (increase value to improve framerate)
    ; Exposure is calculated using: gradient/sceneLuminance+offset (this was changed in v0.8.18)
    ; Minimal exposure
    ; Gradually change exposure with a Kalman filter
    ; ... end of alternative code ( needs putting back in my racer ini file )

    with Racer version 0.8.19 I've found that with auto exposure turned off many of the older cars except the default cars of which one is the "Lamborghini Murcielago" and default track "Carlswood (remix)" it's in the "Carlswood nt" folder ... have issues with lights and textures but so far most are working, of course with a few exceptions.
    hope this helps

    Remember to keep a copy of your hard earned work in a seperate upper/higher folder, especially *.ini files as Raven for Racer WILL change them all if you are using it.
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