Unable to install Logitech Profiler


Jan 10, 2010
I have had a problem with installing the Logitech drivers for my G27 wheel. About a week ago I was trying to exit A.C. and the system appeared to hang. Instead of hitting "alt-ctrl-del" to see if it was frozen, I hit the "reset" button. After the system rebooted, I could no longer use my Wingman Profiler. I removed the program 3 times, downloaded the regular and 64 bit drivers and tried to install them. Every time I do this I get the same lame "Windows will check for a solution." I even tried 3 different system restores which didn't help. All of my racing games, including PCars, A.C., R3E and RF2 no longer have the feel I want.
I did find the registry locations for the drivers. If I deleted the Logitech files from my registry, is there a possibility I could re-install the drivers correctly? I don't want to re-install Windows 7 just to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.