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Ultra wide monitor issues

Hi all, I have one of LG's super wide curved monitors that has a native resolution of 2560 x 1080, and supports refresh rates up to 144hz.

Up to now it's been OK with the exception that Assetto Corsa has to be set in the config file to use the correct resolution as it does not recognise it in the in game setup screen.

However I installed some DLC packs for ACC yesteday, and that seems to have broken something somewhere. Both AC and ACC refuse to allow the native resolution in game (AC allows up to 1080P, ACC allows up to 1660 x 1050(?!)) and in the latter game, no matter what resolution you choose it looks awful, plus bizarrely you can't use the mouse to cick on the 'accept', 'back' or option plus or minus buttons, you are forced to use the ESC and enter keys.

So I went into the Nvidia control panel to check the global settings, and saw that the resolution was correct, but that the refresh rate had been dropped to 60hz. When I tried to set the refresh rate higher than 60, the display becomes slightly blurry. Set it back to 60, all good. It is not a huge amount of blurriness, but I'm puzzled as to why this setting would affect the sharpness of the image. By the way, this is with the ACC / AC games closed down.

I've restarted the PC (again, yesterday there was yet another update to Windows) but it continues, the Nvidia drivers appear up to date and the only difference to the before and after is the installation of the ACC DLC packs. They also changed my in game settings, e.g. it now shows in car view, steering wheel, track map etc where they were deselected before.

So a couple of things, why would refresh rate affect the sharpness, and how can I get the orrect resolution to be reported within all the games?

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