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Sell Ultimate Sim Rig Setup FS - Simucube - Cube - SimLab - Heusinkveld

Please read the entire post before commenting.

All brand new end of March 2020

The spec is as follows:

SimLab GT1 Evo Cockpit – Black SOLD

SimLab Triple Monitor Stand -75x100 Vesa (upto 32” monitor) (I changed it to one monitor in the image but I have all the components for three) SOLD

Sparco Grid Q Bucket Seat FIA approved SOLD

SimLab Seat Adapters, Seat Slider, Cup Holder, Mouse Pad and Keyboard Holder SOLD

Now onto the heavy lifting

SimuCube Pro 2 DD wheelbase SOLD

Cube Controls Sparco GT Wired Wheel (only used and handled with gloves) SOLD

Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals (3 pedal set) SOLD

Heusinkveld Sequential Shifter SOLD

All of the above is in immaculate as new condition. I have all original boxes for everything except the cockpit and seat.

More importantly I have all original stickers which haven’t been applied.

Collection is from Staffordshire UK, based between J14-15 M6

NOTE: If no one want's the entire package then I will split into groups, however I will need all items to be wanted (except monitor stand and shifter) before I let them go, as I don’t want to sell one part and then be stuck not being able to use it. I hope you appreciate this.

Ideally, I’d want the items collecting due to the weight, size and value. However happy to post if you pay the carriage.

I’m not in a rush to sell it, I am just not getting the use out of it that it deserves.

Group Prices – Potential Split As follows -20% retail

Cockpit, Seat and Accessories £700

Triple Monitor Stand £160

Simucube Pro £1100

Cube Control £700

Heusinkveld Pedals - £600

Heusinkveld Shifter - £150

I've attached one picture of the rig how I have it currently, so you know that I have them, as I am sure your all aware of what these look like from the manufactures images.

Once someone has confirmed they want an item, I will be happy to send a more detailed image of the item for your clarification should you wish. But I guarantee these are all as new.

I'll check in here once a day to answer any questions and mark items not available as it proceeds.

Cheers David


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Hi there. Interested in the HV Sprint 3 pedals, how flexible are you on that price? Can buy them new for just 100 quid more. I have a price in mind, I'll let you get back to me and we can discuss from there.