Ultimate Race Game?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Oli Peacock, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Oli Peacock

    Oli Peacock
    Sim Racer

    Hi there first thread :tongue: so as the title suggest if you were to create your own Race game, what would you have in it. I would have a 'create a track' feature (across over between GT5 and ModNation Racers) and a feature where you could create your own team with who ever from the motorsport world from a Ginetta Junior driver (a small British championship) to F1 to even MotoGP or WSB

    Over too you:D
  2. Péter Bártfai

    Péter Bártfai

    I was just thinking about a thread like this!:)

    My dream game:
    - A serious and beautiful menu, not too complicated!
    - Good handling model
    - Beautiful graphics, I mean: nice colors, detailed environments&cars, and throw those fake effects to the bin! (f.e. HDR)
    - Good sound

    Cars: Every kind of car! Old and new, from America to Japan (not leaving out anything from between them of course), slowest to fastest, at least the most significant cars of each region in each era! Put that Lada 2101 and the Trabant into it please!!:) Number of cars something like in Gran Turismo.
    Tracks: They have to be challengeing and have to be beautiful, I don't need boring tracks! Some real life racing courses can get inside however, like Spa or the Nordschleife. Lot of mountain roads, forest roads, city courses, from around the world!

    Game modes:
    - Online multiplayer like in Race 07
    - Split screen multiplayer
    - Hot seat multiplayer for time attacks
    - Single player "choose anything you like" mode
    - Single player career mode

    Race types:
    - Normal race, sprint/enduro with/without pit-stops. Option to turn off quali, but have quali if you need it! (so something like in Race 07 again)
    - Time attack
    - Practice
    - Drift (no different physics, but with specific pre-made drifting setups for each car, if it's possible to change the setup of the car of course:))
    - Rally stages

    -20 - 40 degrees of celsius, snow, rain, dust!
    Real life weather like in Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Racing Night/Day
  3. ammods


    a mixture of world racing 2 and rfactor, without the awful physics of rfactor, i've never liked that game...i like it for it's modding but thats it
  4. Oli Peacock

    Oli Peacock
    Sim Racer

    Glad too help
  5. David Chardar

    David Chardar

    My game would be a true sim, with driver aids for the driving-challenged people (like me!). Cars setups fully adjustable using RL values for stuff.
    Decent graphics - Something on the level of Dirt2 or F1 2010
    Sound would have to be as realistic as possible.

    Cars: GTs, monoplaces, motorbikes, rally cars... Old an new.

    Tracks: Real life tracks. Historical tracks. And a metric f**kton of them.

    Race modes would be the usual stuff: Racing, Career, Time attack, Multiplayer, etc.
  6. April Dillon

    April Dillon

    • A handling model which is technical and difficult to master, like many PC based simulations right now.
    • A variety of engineering options, such as modifying cars to adapt them from one class to another. Something even more comprehensive than the tuning options usually provided in most games now.
    • A structured career mode, to provide a good sense of progression, and ensure you always have something bigger and better to aim for.
    • A good PC port. *stares angrily at F1 2010*
    • A wide range of different kinds of racing. Oval, road, rally, motocross, stunt (jumps, drifting, etc.), sprint, grand prix, endurance...
    • Loads of different cars. Production cars, modified production cars, touring cars, GTs, prototypes, open wheel race cars, kit cars, trackday cars...
    • Variable race participation, so practice and qualifying sessions are available to the people who want them, and can be missed for the people who don't have that kind of patience.
    • AI which scales better to varying levels of player ability. Race or rFactor AI can seem alien fast to someone who's new to them, whereas Gran Turismo or Forza's AI is too slow to keep up with me, even on the hardest difficulty.
    • No pointless championships. It feels unnecessary to be keeping track of points for a tournament 3 races long, each race 3 laps long.
    • A class system which makes more sense than arbitrarily sorting cars by how fast they are, like what's in Forza right now. Instead, something more along the lines of the different classes of rally cars, cars at Le Mans, Super GT, etc.
    • Racing teams. So people can run a team with AI, their friends, or themselves as drivers, adding constructor's championships as well as driver's championships. This would also introduce a management elemant, attracting sponsors, sorting race strategy, maintaining your cars, etc.
    • A good sense of immersion, to make the experience far more engaging.
    • Changing race conditions, such as changing weather, dirt building up around the racing line, and rubber on the racing line, etc.
    I could go on all day.
  7. Rhys Gardiner

    Rhys Gardiner

    My vision for the ultimate racing game is a sort of spiritual sequel to GPL. The major difference is that this game would simulate every single F1 season ever – a mammoth idea, and one that will probably never be achieved by any game company, but it's still something to dream about.

    Here's an edited version of a proposal I posted on NoGrip last year:

    A few years ago, I entertained the idea of a "Grand Prix Legends 2" or something to that effect. It would have absolutely everything you could ask for in a racing sim, simulating every single F1 season up until 1994. Every car, every driver, every track, every configuration of every track, that was in F1 in those years. Here's what I envisaged:

    You have three game modes offline: free-for-all, challenge and career.

    Free-for-all would be similar to the offline mode of the various racing sims we have now - things like practice, offline racing against the AI and things like that. All cars and tracks from the seasons of 1950, 1960, 1970 and 1980 would be free to use and practice in.

    Challenge mode is when you are shoehorned into historic events in F1 and are required to play the part of the driver(s) involved in those events. You can be Fangio at the Nurburgring, chasing the frontrunners down for his final title. You can be Senna at Donington in 1993, or Mansell at Silverstone in 1987. Satisfactory completion of these challenges would award the player with extra bonus content, such as videos, photos or trophies.

    Career mode is very different. The player would start with driving a pre-war GP car as an introduction to the game, in the midst of a post-war GP. After finishing the race, you would get to customise your driver as you like, similar to the player customisation system Fallout 3 employs. From that point on, you play as that driver, part of a racing family that spans five generations over the course of the game. Whenever your current driver's career is up, you continue into the next decade or so as that driver's son (or daughter, depending on what gender you selected for your driver at the start). As you advance through the various seasons of F1, you get introduced to new cars, tracks and developments. You're there for the first ever F1 race at Silverstone. You test ground effects, you drive on various layouts of GP tracks as they evolve over the years, you experience the Formula Two rules of the mid-50s and the crazy Turbo era of the 80s, and you observe as F1 becomes more technologically advanced. You also have the option of going through every single session on a race weekend, and as you advance, car information, photographs and historic videos are unlocked to view at your leisure. After completing every season, that season's cars and tracks are available to drive in Free-for-all, unless they were the seasons specified above that are unlocked by default. Off-track activities are an option as well - you can go on walks through the paddock, chat to other drivers, sign autographs (with the option of scanning in your signature to use in this mode), and celebrate on the podium.
    Once you have progressed all the way through the game, and have finished the 1994 season, your driver is shown in a final cut scene hanging up his or her helmet, and walking off into the sunset, symbolising the perceived end of "True Formula One" after Senna's death... or something like that. Anyway, some sort of fitting end to the career mode.

    Online would be pretty much what we have in racing sims now. Dedicated servers, passworded and public servers, admin rights so that we can ban wreckers for good, and equalised physics in the style of league edition mods for fairness – alternatively, the cars could be equalised enough that they are competitive with each other, but not so much that they lose their handling characteristics, like what Ryan callan has done with the WTM mod. One will not be able to play a season online until it has been unlocked.

    Of course, realistic and accurate representation of the cars, tracks and physics would take top priority. An advanced tyre model, like that used by NetKar Pro, as well as the graphical quality of current-gen console games. Some of you may argue that with the other content specified above my idea is more a "game" than a "sim" but I believe it to be a desirable mix of the two. A racing sim without the shortcomings of the ones we play now, and then some.

    Anyway, that's the drivel that's been swimming around in my head... my ultimate racing sim.
  8. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Premium

    Love that idea!!!!

    Edit: Read the career mode too and loved that more!!!

    I wish it could be realized, even it's impossible, it's great to dream. Go to EA Rhys :p
  9. April Dillon

    April Dillon

    Agreed. I remember Superstars V8 Next Challenge had a similar sort of thing, which was cool. It's just a shame it was bundled with everything else in that game. :p
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