AU Ultima @ Goiania - Sun 8th December 2019

Damien van de Velde


Awesome little cars, on one of my favourite Brazilian tracks!!

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Server Name:
Cars: Ultima Race

Practice: 20:00 AEDT (09:00 GMT) - 30 minutes
Qualifying: 20:30 AEDT (09:30 GMT) - 15 minutes

Warmup 1: 20:45 AEDT (09:45 GMT) - 5 minutes
Race 1: 20:50 AEDT (09:50 GMT) - 30 minutes
Race 2: 21:25 AEDT approx.(10:25 GMT) - 30 minutes

Entry List
  1. Tony (ask me anything on Teamspeak)
  2. Pappa_G_27
  3. Damien van de Velde
  4. Baker048
  5. Andrew Whelan
  6. Sean
  7. alexSchmurtz
  8. Fred Locklear
  9. João Nunes
  10. Free slot
  11. Free slot
  12. Free slot
  13. Free slot
  14. Free slot
  15. Free slot
  16. Free slot
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  18. Free slot
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Fred Locklear

Moving bollard
found the problem. I have the game set to force left cockpit/arms off. The Ultima defaults to cockpit right and it doesn't like the force option and throws up the error when joining the server. I set the Ultima configuration to cockpit left and the mismatch is gone.

I think a had a similar mismatch before with another car, at least I know how to fix it.

Fred Locklear

Moving bollard
Sorry for bailing on the 2nd race. Was too tired to do another 30 min in those cars. Was getting too oversteery at the end and kept loosing the back end.... Guess that is why ppl are paid big bux to have a setup that will keep the car on track for the entire race!

Weird thing is when I went and looked at the penalties for r1. Nearly all of you got a drive thru penalty AL t the same time (I didn't get one). I'm guessing it happened when that blue flag message popped up, and why Alex had to serve twice (one for the pit speed and one for the blue flag?)

Did any of you get the warning flag for stop/go drive thru? It added time to you all cus the penalty wasn't served... Prolly should file a bug reot to Reiza.


Can't see any added time to my race 1, my last lap was a 3min 45s though, but running out of fuel and getting pushed over the line may have had something to do with that :O_o::roflmao:

I did see the blue flag and drive through penalty messages in the race with no specific driver mentioned, so may be a bug there Fred.

Great car this Ultima, must do it again sometime ;)


Awesome car, it is good to be faster than Tony for once :D

Once I managed to tweak the setup a bit to settle it down and get it to take its set through the corners and on exit it was awesome to drive! The tyres still get crazy hot though, and you really need to just manage the throttle on exit when they get old.

Fred Locklear

Moving bollard
looked at the server log and I got a penalty also (even though doesn't show up in my personal log file). Something didn't make sense though cuz it subtracted a lap from me, cuz "there was a lapped car within 25s" when I finished.....but Sean, although crossed the line after me, but cuz there wasn't a lapped car within 25s (?) didn't get a lap taken away ended up finishing ahead of me......

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