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Tyrrell - PIAA

Skins Tyrrell - PIAA 2.0

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Franske submitted a new resource:

TYRRELL - PIAA - Tyrrell - PIAA car based on Torro Rosso car
This car skin is based on the Torro Rosso car. In the uploaded file you can choose to replace
either Torro Rosso or Marussia (see textfile "how to install")
Enjoy - Franske :cool:
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Franske updated Tyrrell - PIAA with a new update entry:

What changed:
PIAA logo / stripes corrected (see Tyrrell 025)
Boss GP.com logo in correct place rear inside wing
Black striping added on sides-top
Added interior from Torro Rosso for when you use Tyrrell PIAA for Marussia car.
Added racecrew Tyrrell PIAA for Marussia car. :cool:
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