Tyres overheating

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Trebor901, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Trebor901


    I like this mod and i always have the same problem, the car will overheat its tyres really really quickly and also i find if i hit a bump between gears t hen the rears will spin really easily. I dont know whether its me being useless or what but it is annoying me.
  2. Alexander Rhodes

    Alexander Rhodes

    To drive these things, you have to be uber smooth, otherwise the tyres will burn out in a few laps. As for the rears spinning, it's most likely torque slip on the rears, happens in turbo cars too. Lift to 85% when shifting and you shouldn't have an issue (you should be lifting while shifting anyway).
  3. Doug62


    Some of your spinning maybe caused by the auto blip if your using auto clutch. The car will automatically blip the accelerator between gears. You can stop auto blip by going to rFactor/UserData/YourName/YourName.plr You will find this line (Auto Blip="0" // Whether to automatically blip with manual shifting but auto-clutch (non-semiautomatic trans only). Default is "1". Set to "0" will stop the engine reving up. On default it's like putting your foot flat and dropping the clutch. Instant rear wheel spin.
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