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    Hi guys,

    Sorry if it has been posted but it is difficult to search for this particular topic.

    I was doing some laps on Imola with the Formula Abarth and, following some advice from another topic, I switched to medium slick tyres since the goal was to do lots of laps, not to break my lap record. I realized almost immediately that the grip was not bad at all. So as a test, I put the hard slicks on and the grip was even better. I used to ignore the temperatures reported by the app since my tyres were cold all the time so I assumed the app was inaccurate but this experience seems to confirm that my main issue is that I can't manage to warm the tyres enough. I start with blankets on, hammer the pedals and I still can't keep the front tyres above 60 C most of the time. I tried to deflate them and it does not seem to change much.
    What are the tricks to increase tyre temperature and keep it high? Preferably without altering too much the other characteristics of the car?

  2. Ricoow

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    Hey Apatride,

    I could recommend increasing camber, it gives you more grip in the turns and therefore increases tyre temperatures during cornering even further. Also try steering a bit more aggressive to increase tyre temps.
    More setup related tips, tricks and possible tyre temperature increasing hints can be found in our Car Setup guide.
    I hope this has informed you enough. If not, ask around ;)
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  3. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ... Premium

    Look here ("evaluating the readings" table): http://elephantracing.com/techtopic/tiretemp.htm
    Only thing left: stiffen the springs or the swaybar. I would also try to increase the toe away from zero (so negative toe becomes more negative and positive toe becomes more positive).
    Hope this helps!
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